Thursday, November 12, 2009

The First Month With 3 Kids!

Grant is now 1 month old! These past 4 weeks have flown by! They have been quite complicated and full of many surprises. Certainly not ever boring. And full of fun and love as well. Mark, Abigail and Mat were all sick when Grant was 2 weeks old. Mark and Abbey both had Roseola. Although we had no clue what was causing the 103 plus fevers for a couple days! All I knew was I wanted them no where near Grant. Than in famous Mat style he gets some version of the flu. Fever, chills, headaches, basically helpless stuck on the couch. Ugh. SO frustrating! Thankfully Grant and I made it through that week without getting sick. Of course this all happened during my 30th birthday! I was quickly reminded that when you are a mom with 3 kids 4 and under sometimes big important days go by without any celebration from important people. (ie Mat completely forgot to do anything for my birthday. He had planned a party but we had to cancel that because of everyone being sick and truth be told - I really was the one who planned it. So No flowers No card, NOTHING). Oh well I guess I will have a big celebration at 31. Week 3 went by in a haze. We enjoyed Halloween. Abigail was actually much more interested in trick o treating than Mark was. He didn't like the idea of walking up to strangers houses. And the fact that people kept giving him chocolate (a boy after my own heart with his dislike of chocolate) made him dislike it even more. Mark much preferred handing candy out at the door. Abigail thought it was fun to go up to different people's doors! She didn't want to go home!! Week 4 Mat started going back to work. And the craziness really began. Both older kids were waking up a night sometimes even more than Grant was! That was tough. Especially because Grant's little tummy is not the biggest fan of caffeine! Somedays I really need it though. Thankfully now even Mark is sleeping better and Abigail is back to sleeping through the night!

I don't think that my life is ever going to be boring! Always a new challenge.

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