Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tough love

My kids have had a lot of inconsistency lately which has made it tough for my kids to know what rules to follow and all of that. That changes today. No matter how sleep deprived I am I need to set rules and limits and get them back on track. We have a new time out corner. We will see how that goes. Mark just was in it for a bit of time because he was having trouble staying quiet. I am hoping that as we move forward the time outs will be successful in helping them to learn GREAT behavior. It is so much more fun to play when there is no name calling and/or hitting. I love watching them play nicely together and I know that they can do it!! It is tough being the bad guy. Funny though, give your kids a few strict rules that are always followed and they behave SO much better. I think they like the structure. Of course they are going to test them from time to time, but once they realize that I am going to stick to those few strict rules hopefully the testing will become less and less.

I am looking forward to watching my household change: less yelling, less tantrums, lots more fun and laughter!!

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