Thursday, September 2, 2010

Its Been A Long Time

Its been a long time since I have blogged here! I think that I will start again! Especially on an extremely positive note. This past year has been a tough one. Buying a house, and adding a 3rd child all at the same time - NUTS!! But today was a huge huge success! I actually got a bit of "sharon" time today which felt awesome! 30 minutes - who knew - could really make a whole entire day. I seemed to have enough of everything today. Enough patience to deal with whining. Enough good spirit to answer (and patiently, I might add) all the thousands of questions that were asked. Enough energy to get through my day successfully. Not too many tantrums, hardly any yelling and zero spankings. Only a few time outs! Bedtime tonight was AMAZING!! 3 kids all in bed and sleeping before 8pm. WOW! Like I said - AMAZING! And all of this done with Mat at work! We are really trying to get things back to normal around here. Whatever normal really is! A good sleep/nap schedule for the kids. Some sanity time for mommy, and some good workout time for Daddy to get back in shape. Let's hope that we can continue this awesomeness tomorrow!

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